Mahesh Foundation started the Aadhar Vidya Program

Mahesh Foundation started the Aadhar Vidya Program to ensure the educational rights of the underprivileged children. Mahesh Foundation has supported over 8000 children. Most of the children have completed their education and are in different professions


Mahesh Foundation got associated with Miracle Foundation

Mahesh Foundation is associated with Miracle Foundation, a non-profit supporting the underprivileged children around the world. Miracle Foundation has been supporting capacity building and children care for the past 7 years.



Deccan Herald 20 Changemakers in 2020 award

Deccan Herald an English Daily recognized the service and mission of the foundation in the last decade. They awarded the founder among the 20 Changemakers in 2020 to look upon. Deccan Herald has provided a platform to know the work of the Mahesh Foundation in national and international reader’s communities

Children home was shifted to the new hostel

Children home was shifted to the new hostel with all the facilities that children need. This care home has separate accommodation for boys and girls. It ensures safe accommodation, nutrition, education, and healthcare to HIV infected children as well as the same amount of love and affection

Mahesh Jadhav delivered a TedX speech

TedX, a grassroots initiative to bring unusual personalities to global audiences. Mr. Mahesh Jadhav presented his thoughts on the stigma attached to HIV

Mahesh foundation started a school called Utkarsha Learning Center for the HIV infected and slum children

Mahesh foundation started a school called Utkarsha Learning Center for the HIV infected and slum children. Utkarsha Learning Center has been providing free education to more than 100 children. Utkarsha teaches children with practical illustrations.

Public Hero, Asamanya Kannadiga, Hemmeya Kannadiga awards were presented to the founder

Many state awards such as Public Hero, Asamanya Kannadiga, Hemmeya Kannadiga awards were presented to the founder for leading Mahesh Foundation towards the betterment of underprivileged children.

National award for Child Welfare in 2017

The Government of India recognized the selfless services of the Mahesh Foundation towards society’s vulnerable communities and honored the foundation with the highest and prestigious national award for Child Welfare in 2017. 

Mahesh Foundation started the Aadhar Mahila Udyog program

A livelihood program Aadhar Mahila Udyog was started by Mahesh Foundation to create a livelihood for the underprivileged. This program has directly and positively impacted the lives of over 1500 families. Mahesh Foundation trains women to become skillful.

Tata’s Desh ka namak award for child welfare

The work of Mahesh Foundation started spreading everywhere and many institutions started recognizing the selfless service through the years. Tata Trust honoured Mahesh Jadhav with the award Desh Ka Namak.

Karnataka state award for child welfare

Every year, the Government of Karnataka recognizes the services of individuals and institutions that contribute to the welfare of deprived children of society. In the year 2014, the government recognized Mahesh Foundation and honoured the state award in Child Welfare

Started Gokak CSC

To provide healthcare support to the HIV infected people dwelling in the rural areas, Mahesh Foundation started Gokak Care and Support Center. To date, the Mahesh Foundation has reached over thousands of HIV infected people and provided them healthcare services at their doorstep.

Mahesh Foundation was recognized as a FIT institution by the Government of Karnataka

Mahesh Foundation was recognized as a FIT institution by the Government of Karnataka. Then Mahesh Foundation was functioning in a small space yet successfully got this recognition after a long discussion in the Karnataka Assembly.

Mahesh Foundation Started Adhar Village, under which they adopted slums and uplifted their lifestyle

Mahesh Foundation started a new program Aadhar Village. Through this initiative, Mahesh Foundation adopted two slums and built houses for the slum dwellers providing basic infrastructure like houses, sustainable solar energy, etc.

Children were thrown out of school for being infected with HIV

Mahesh Foundation experienced an inhuman incident that happened with the children.  For being HIV positive, the children were thrown out of the class by the teacher. This became national news and the teacher was suspended for her shameful act and the children were readmitted to the school.

Legally adopted first child (HIV Infected) and gave him love, food and shelter.

Mahesh Foundation started adopting the children and the first child was enrolled to care home. Within a few months, the number of children was increased from 1 to 55. The founder and his family started taking care of the children at their expenses. Looking at this, many individuals started joining hands with Mahesh Foundation. 

More than 50 children joined Mahesh foundation at New Rented place in Ramteerth Nagar.

For more than 50 children, the care home became small and there was a need for a larger space. Hence, it was shifted from the founder’s house to a rented house in Ramteerth Nagar. Because of the stigma attached to HV, many people refused to give house for rent but after struggling for a long time, successfully shifted to a rented house.


Person of the year by All about Belgaum.

All About Belgaum, a local media from Belgaum recognized the selfless service of the founder Mr. Mahesh Jadhav and honoured him with the Person of the Year in the year 2011.

Registration of NGO, (Mahesh foundation gets legal recognition)

Mahesh Foundation became a registered NGO. Initially, the care home started functioning in the founder’s house. Completing all the necessary paperwork and procedures Mahesh Foundation became eligible to adopt the children. The Mahesh Foundation decided to adopt HIV infected children who are orphans or abandoned by their relatives.


The founder Mr. Mahesh Jadhav got an opportunity to speak on the INK platform

The founder Mr. Mahesh Jadhav got an opportunity to speak on the INK platform. He presented the condition of HIV people and the stigma they face in society. He spoke about his journey and how he started the Mahesh Foundation. It was a golden opportunity to present his thoughts to the global community

Construction of new premises was started in Kanabargi

Construction of new premises was started in Kanabargi. After unsuccessful attempts to procure land for construction of a care home and school. Finally, the founder and his family donated their ancestral property as a charity for the construction. The construction took more than 2 years to complete


Met a 4 year child that instilled an idea to Mahesh Foundation

Founder Mr. Mahesh Jadhav found a 4-year-old boy who was on deathbed. He was pained to see the condition of the child and with the doctors’ permission, he took the child to his home, and with proper care, the child recovered soon. The child refused to go to a government  care home and started living with Mahesh’s family.

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